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New Clocktower Place

Avenue Project

[volunteer from MHV 
	digging holes in the rain]

In the spring of 2018 the Caledonian Park Friends Group planted flowering climbers along the railings of New Clocktower Place, the avenue to the north of the Clock Tower leading to North Road. This was achieved with the support of a grant from the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association MPGA and the help of Many Hands Volunteering, who dug about seventy deep planting holes - in the rain!

[leader of MHV with a trowel in hand] [four wet volunteers smiling and waving their hands 
	with mugs of tea and trowels] [yellow-green leaves of akebia planted up canes along the avenue railings]

We have planted 14 varieties of flowering climbers, with the final Madame Alfred Carriere roses planted this December. We're pleased to report that we have only lost a couple of plants out of nearly 100 planted so far, despite the long hot dry summer, thanks to the many hours spent on regular watering duty which required five long hoses joined together to reach the far end of the avenue railings. Next spring we will replant any replacements necessary.

[pink and cream trumpets of honeysuckle flowers with deep red buds]

Our grateful thanks to the MPGA without whom these beautiful climbing flowers would not have been planted.