Friends Activity: Saturday, 7th September, 2pm to 4pm. Orchard watering and avenue gardening.

Friends Meeting: Tuesday, 10th September, 6:30pm Southern Housing Offices on North Road.

Friends Activity: Sunday, 15th September, 10am to 12noon. Orchard watering and gardening.

A big thank you to all who attended the Clocktower Festival, and to our stars Perry Benson, Paul 'Maddog' McGuinness Band, and Todd Sharpville Band!

[crowds in front of a stage and the clock tower, with bouncy castle] [Todd Sharpville, award-winning Blues guitarist singer songwriter with his guitar] [Paul 'Mad Dog' McGuinness, tattooed Irish guitarist]

Todd Sharpville Band, acclaimed Blues guitarist/singer/songwriter!

Paul 'Mad Dog' McGuinness, from the Popes, Irish rock/folk/punk!

Perry Benson, TV/Film star and DJ!

[Perry Benson, bespectacled TV and film star]