Octopus Community Network

Octopus, is an Islington based charity, supporting a network of multi-purpose commnity centres. For the past ten years we have run a series of projects focussed on promoting access to nature, wildlife, and gardening for the better health and wellbeing of Islington's communities. For the past seven years the Bloomin' Gardeners, led by Octopus, have looked after the two garden beds near the clocktower. We are a small group of 'older' gardeners who are young in spirit. Formerly run in partnership with Age UK Islington, the group now meets informally, usually on Wednesday afternoons to tend the beds, have a catch up chat, and a cuppa! If you are interested in joining us please get in touch through Octopus.

Octopus is also working with the Caledonian Park Friends Group to develop Caledonian Park into Islington's first edible park. Through late 2021 we are replacing the two overgrown beds in the centre of the avenue between the clocktower and North Road with two bed planters to be filled with a variety of herbs; these will be accessible for all the community to use. We will be running some workshops for people to learn about the wonders of herbs and how to cook better with them; watch this space!

Contact Anita Gracie or visit their website.

Goodinge Group Practice

The Goodinge Group Practice are engaged with the Caledonian Park Friends group through their sustainability program. They are committed to sustainability in the medical practice and have signed up to the Green Impact for Health toolkit set up by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Find more information on their website.